A Blow With My Fist

“I was hit by a car seventeen years ago and it changed the course of my life. I was a regular hard worker you know? I had my own hauling company. I had two 1993 F-350 Super Duty flatbeds. It was no big company but with the two monsters, I made a good living. I had two employees and we hauled everything from refrigerators to King Kong (smiling). But one day as I was coming out of a convenience store, I began to cross the street when out of nowhere a speeding car struck me. It sent me flying into the air and forty yards later I didn’t have a back anymore. It was gone. Luckily not one thing happened to my head but a small concussion. I immediately fell into depression. I sold both my trucks to one of my workers and faded away. I started using drugs to forget about the emotional pain it was causing me. I can go on telling you more negative things but it’s no use to anyone. Despite that big blow, life is alright. I don’t do heavy drugs anymore. I just smoke a lil’weed to relax. I also like to watch movies on my phone. There isn’t much to do for someone in my condition and I hate it because it sucks to be immobile and unproductive. I wish I had Mike Tyson power so I can give life a knockout punch for fucking with my life like this. Weed, music and movies are all I got, not sure what I’d do without them, probably kill myself.” *Joe arrived in 1981 from Maplesville, Alabama. He lives in South L.A with a friend. He and his friend share a small apartment and spend their days as amateur movie critics. His only daughter visits him once a week.
Henry Lara

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