About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!


Our Philosophy

We can never really know the full story. Here at Little Stories Big Ideas, we believe that human beings are wired for narrative. We have evolved a neurology and physiology that responds to stories and story fragments. In other words narrative is fractal. It can exist in tiny suggestions of stories and in long epic novels and films. And even the tiniest suggestion of narrative can set into motion a natural response to complete that story in our imagination.

Little Stories Big Ideas is a labor of love founded by author and artist, MR Stuik. This website is devoted to fostering and supporting flash fiction on the web and in print. Our goal is to explore, discover, create ad encourage flash fiction and flash non-fiction of all kinds.

In addition, we are interested in developing an analogous style of short film making based on the lessons we have learned and continue to learn from reading and writing flash fiction. As the popularity of short form video and film grows on mobile devices, we want to help make sure that the masters of the short form are also represented.

Please direct any comments, questions and inquiries to marc@littlestoriesbigideas.org.