“Oh, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, what a town. We have it great here, don’t we? Been here since 91′ and I have absolutely been loving this part of our great country. We got the great weather, it’s a nice place to live, the skies are blue and the buildings aren’t that bad. They take on a sturdy look. They’re tall you see, but not so tall that you fear them. I was in the navy from 1964-71. I was out in Vietnam but didn’t do much. I was on one of those carriers full of missiles. The ship was just on idle there on the edge in case they needed us. But none the less the whole thing was an absolute nightmare. Lost a stack of lives on both ends of the world. I learned discipline, it’s a straight-up way of doing things I guess. I don’t know what the hell happened to the world but yeah. After I did my time in the navy, I went on to junior college you see. I then went on to business school. When I arrived in L.A my goal was to go into the mail order business and make $10,000 a month but it never happened. I don’t know what the hells’ the matter with me. I gave up on all that and started selling records and jewelry. Eventually, the state asked me if I wanted to go on Social Security and I said, what the hell, I’ll retire early!  I like to dress well, you never know who’s gonna come knocking, you always have to look ready. I love ties and fedoras. Los Angeles is a rainbow city, you look left it’s yellow and to the right it’s purple. Just a colorful town. I guess that’s why it’s full of an array of folks. Beautiful town, consider yourself lucky sir, I know you like me.” *Jeff Miller was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He said there was something brewing on the horizon and said he saw a rainbow four days ago.

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